Violent Rituals to the Impending Darkness

by Republican Genocide

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Recorded in a dilapidated building in Santa Ana, CA. The work was inspired by everything running through our heads, musically and lyrically: multiple subgenres of metal, everything we listen to; abhorrent current events, reactions to our own feelings about know, normal shit.


released January 1, 2013

Marty - guitar, vocals
Jeremy - bass
JD - drums

All music by Republican Genocide
All lyrics by Marty



all rights reserved


Republican Genocide Santa Ana, California

We're really fast, really aggressive, and a little weird. We are not radio metal.

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Track Name: Christian Disease
bigot, racist, forced theocracy
fascist, traitor, no morality
false prophet, torn from the cross

instigate your version of sharia law
imposed dogma, racist theocracy
Christian Disease
obstruction of progress, intelligence denied
lack of morals, return to the dark ages
Christian Disease

your false prophets, spreading hate
torn from the cross, left in the street
people won't be controlled, your downfall
no more to infect, you mindless vermin
instigate your version of sharia law
fascist, traitor, no morality
Christian Disease
Track Name: The Extinction
and the forests burn, and the night reigns, the world caves in on itself
the inhabitants vote to kill with lies and apathy
and the rain will always burn and the ash obscures the sun
the extinction the murder, patricide, has begun

the instinctual call, of survival
apathy enslaves, look the other way
hear the song inside, voices from the past

cries in the wind, beyond the parasite, the ancestral home survives in the mind's eye, centuries pass, the human unfolds, famine, genocide, the relinquishing of power only by the spilling of blood, transference of wealth, the corporate entity controls and decides, the rape continues, a finite conclusion just beyond the current life span, the giver of evolution, revolving in the light, the infection spreads, pieces go dark and stop breathing, replaced with industry, flattened, angled, destroyed, the mother speaks in winds, tectonic plates reassemble, oceans surge from their polluted depths, the quiet solitude of glacial peaks comes to an end, the period of turmoil and unrest has been created, the great purge, the human immolation has begun
Track Name: Under the Burning of Sol
The sun, all hallowed, the one
I am thy burning
under the burning of sol
that shone upon my sacred time
bled under you
the same burning mass that shone upon my sacred time
I will kill, revenge will be mine, Under the Burning of Sol
the fires of embrace, I am thy burning
a sea of fire
I will destroy
a sea of fire
I am thy burning
Track Name: Drag Them Into the Streets
Pull them from their steel palaces
put their heads on spikes
the cries of the people
won't be fucking denied

burn the fucking streets
support the anarchy
rise up, unvanquished

bullets into the crowd
but it keeps surging for your throat
you took away their rights
and now they've come for you

your crimes will be answered
with violence and your death
your corpse dragged through the street
justice with your severed head
Track Name: Awash In Earth
winter of regret, without light
frozen death, takes my sight
trace back the Earth, follow the Blood
spit in the faces of the multiplying hordes

Lachrymal death, Take this Flesh
Awash in Earth, Awash in Blood

carved hollow by piercing winds
lost amid the screaming void
consecrating into a River of Sorrow
disintegrating into the void

desecrate-to scar the eyes
fallen wolf, instinctual survival
let loose my veins into the stream
consecrate this fallen life

Lachrymal death, Take this Flesh
Awash in Earth, Awash in Blood
Track Name: The Resistance
remnants of isolation

here comes the infestation
walking in the shallow depths
I am not of you and your stinking void

I cut the vapid strings of desolation
remnants of isolation
I am not of you and your stinking void

Here comes the infestation
metal hulls careen overhead
movement without meaning

suffering I will feel at the hands of myself
blame only no one under the truth of the sun
they all get sent up the primordial river

remnants of isolation

here comes the infestation
walking in the shallow depths
movement without meaning
I am not of you and your stinking void
Track Name: Annihilate the Pacifist
infect the vein, possessed by hive mind,
controls your life, controls your lies,
the rage, cry out, locks inside, the blind
the pride, destroyed, the heart, bleeding

disrupt and diversions, deface destroy this blank vision, instigate and bludgeon heads, end the race, corrupt all their visions

absolved of this place, of this cancer, no more to be lost in this asylum
and now, I am gone from this wasteland, resolved to disappear into the unknown

drowning in visions, defunct dreams
I fuck your hollow facades, vilified under the stagnant sun
every pulse of hatred, ripping from these veins
annihilate the pacifist, caustic devouring rage

face the cold, embrace the wind and sorrow
breathe the sky, the black winds will destroy the lies
Track Name: Scars That Won't Fade
succumb to emptiness
walking beside the darkness

confronting all thoughts, the desolation,
lost amid a sea of black waves
empty nights coalesce into a stream of hate
Scars that won't fade

wounds that won't close, the desolation
internalizing the disease
walking beside the darkness

mental holocaust, vision fades in the aftermath
confronting all thoughts, the desolation
human capacity for suffering
Scars that won't fade

succumb to emptiness
lost amid a sea of black waves
walking beside the darkness

mental holocaust, vision fades in the aftermath
confronting all thoughts, the desolation
human capacity for suffering

both hands in the fire, eyes on the storm
bleeding out in open fields, always at war
set fire to this wasteland, burn all the walls
this is annihilation, down to the core